Spectacle de danse à Laon : “Service compris ! Canapé(s)”

Service Compris! à l'OB @Philippe Jacquemin SIM

Situations are shifted to the extreme, and there is a constant back-and-forth between the organization and disorder of the respective worlds of the waiters, the “troupe” and the spectators (part of the show),
a passionate musical universe, “Service compris” peels away layer by layer the varnish not only from the trio of dancers, the better to let us penetrate their complex intimacy, but also from the well-oiled organization of the reception. The unfolding of the evening, which starts out with impeccable mechanics and service, slowly but surely leads us towards joyous chaos, questioning our conviviality.

See you at the Théâtre Guy-Sabatier at Laon’s Maison des Arts et Loisirs at 8.30pm! (duration: 1h / from 12 years)

  • Plaquette MAL 2023-24
  • Equipment:

    • Free Carpark
    • Toilets

    Activités :

    • Temporary exhibitions

    Activités :

    • Interior

    Localisation :
    2 Place Aubry - 02000 -

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