Spectacle de magie à Laon : “Réalités”

Réalités ®DannyWillems SIM

An unrivalled illusionist, Kurt Demey uses the techniques of mentalism to create surreal and unsettling performances. He blurs our reference points, plunging us into the vertigo of a plural reality and twisting the notion of space-time. In “Réalités”, we’re confronted with the fascinating idea that somewhere there might be a space larger than our own, with hidden dimensions we can’t perceive, in which other realities exist. Come and experience something absolutely unique!

See you at Théâtre Guy-Sabatier, Maison des Arts et Loisirs, Laon, at 8.30pm! (duration: 1h20 / from 12 years)

  • Plaquette MAL 2023-24
  • Equipment:

    • Free Carpark
    • Toilets

    Activités :

    • Temporary exhibitions

    Activités :

    • Interior

    Localisation :
    2 Place Aubry - 02000 -

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