Théâtre à Laon : “Facéties”

FACETIES (C. et F. Ben Aim 2020)
CFB 451/Patrick Berger

Six performers, including Christian Ben Aïm himself, gradually take over an almost bare stage. In their glittering gala outfits, they sketch out awkward gestures. Facéties? proposes a state of life, a vital impulse, the exposure of a humanity often enclosed and masked by social conventions. Here, the unusual is combined with the undisciplined, proposing a daring and salutary step aside.
With Facéties, Christian and François Ben Aïm create a jewel of absurd choreography that reveals the beauty of our differences.

See you at Théâtre Guy-Sabatier, Maison des Arts et Loisirs, Laon, at 8.30pm! (running time: 1 hour 05 minutes)

  • Plaquette MAL 2023-24
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    • Free Carpark
    • Toilets

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    • Temporary exhibitions

    Activités :

    • Interior

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    2 Place Aubry - 02000 -

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