Théâtre à Laon : “Fantine et Capucine sauvent la planète”

Festi'Gargouille Hiver SIM

Enough is enough! Fantine and Capucine have decided to find helpers all over the world to help them save the planet, simply by adopting the right gestures that make us all responsible for our pretty blue ball! Collecting rainwater, sorting waste, protecting animals, saving forests – these are the new missions of our two adventurers!
A play presented as part of Festi’Gargouille d’Hiver!

See you at the café-théâtre de la Gargouille in Laon from 28/02 to 08/03 (except 02/03) at 3pm! (for ages 3-10)


  • Free Carpark
  • Eating house on the spot
  • Toilets

Activités :

  • Specific theme activities

Activités :

  • Interior

Localisation :
17 Rue du Bourg - 02000 -

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