Théâtre et cirque à Laon : “Déluge”

Philippe Durbet

Alone on stage, a man (a scientist? a researcher?) evolves in a space that could just as easily be a refuge or a makeshift workshop. The ingenious dreamer combines circus arts and new magic to juggle with the adversity of a dysfunctional daily life.
What optimism! While his balls fly away instead of falling back, and the world around him goes
a juggling clown and magician invents an everyday life without gravity.
A squeaky door, a broken lamp, the climate turned upside down?
When the situation is desperate, this funny, offbeat character clings to survival like the apple of his eye.
“Déluge” is a poetic, burlesque show that invites audiences of all generations to question their relationship with the world
question their relationship with everyday life, where smiling may be the best way out?

See you at Théâtre Guy-Sabatier, Maison des Arts et Loisirs, Laon, at 5pm! (duration: 0h55)

  • Plaquette MAL 2023-24
  • Equipment:

    • Free Carpark
    • Toilets

    Activités :

    • Temporary exhibitions

    Activités :

    • Interior

    Localisation :
    2 Place Aubry - 02000 -

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