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La souche
Les marais de la Souche(2)
Les marais de la souche(1)
Les marais de la souche
Iris sauvage
Libellule des marais de la SOUche

“The marsh is a whole world on earth, a different world with its own life, its sedentary inhabitants and passing travelers, its voices, its sounds and its mystery above all. Nothing is more disturbing, more disturbing, more frightening at times than a swamp.” (Le Horla, Guy de Maupassant). Lift the mysterious veil of this swamp, witness to the past exploitation of peat in the north of France.

  • Around Laon
  • Distance : 10,2 Km
  • Durée : 03:00:00
  • Commune d'arrivée : PIERREPONT



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