Batterie Morlot

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La Batterie Morlot de Laon vue du ciel(1)
La Batterie Morlot de Laon vue du ciel
La Batterie Morlot de Laon
© Vincent Colin

Also called Fort Morlot, and located south of the plateau, it was built in 1878 by Séré de Rivières in order to establish military communications with the forts of the Laonnois.
An optical telegraph operating with a kerosene lamp and a set of mirrors capturing and directing the sun’s rays, allowed messages to be transmitted to six surrounding forts, messages that were invisible to the enemy below.
From the top of this hill, do not miss the beautiful panorama on the lower town of Laon and the Chemin des Dames!

  • Can only be seen from the outside.
  • Services :
    • Picnic area
    • Play area
    • Free car park
  • Clientèle :
    • Young public


Rue des creuttes, 02000 LAON

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