Chapelle-Mémorial du Chemin des Dames, Nécropole nationale française et Cimetière militaire allemand

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It was built opposite the French and German necropolises in 1950 by the Union Nationale des Combattants, in tribute to the fallen of the First World War. The chapel is home to numerous commemorative plaques, laid by associations or families, including one donated by the former President of Senegal, Léopold Sédar Senghor, in 1983, in memory of his compatriots who fell on the Chemin des Dames…

The French necropolis at Cerny, the German cemetery and the chapel will be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in September 2023…

  • The inside and outside of the Memorial is open to the public year-round, at any hour.
  • Services :
    • Free car park
  • Clientèle :
    • Young public



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