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Built on the decision of the town councillors of Laon in 1831, the Town Hall replaces the Palace of Louis VII and the tower of Philippe Auguste. This tower was about thirty meters high and its diameter occupied more than 8 meters on the ground. Shortly afterwards, some houses were knocked down to create a square that would give the city a heart and a breath of fresh air.

Originally, the statue of Marechal Sérurier was located in the center of the square, with the tramway station on the side. To the right of the town hall, you can see the façade of the former Saint Rémi church, which became a theater after the Revolution and houses the current Mairie Annexe…

  • Fermeture certains jours fériés :
    • 1st of January
    • Easter Sunday
    • Easter Monday
    • 1st of May
    • 8th of May
    • Whit Sunday
    • Whit Monday
    • Ascension day
    • 14th of July
    • 15th of August
    • 1st of November
    • 11th of November
    • 24th of December
    • 25th of December
    • 31th of December
  • Can only be seen from the outside.
  • Services :
    • Paying car park
  • Activités :
    • Temporary exhibitions


Place du Général Leclerc, 02000 LAON

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