Jardin de plantes médicinales de l’Abbaye de Vauclair

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A botanical garden of 400 medicinal plants arranged in a checkerboard pattern, in accordance with the plan of the first monastic gardens, and a conservatory orchard of apple and pear trees of ancient species, make up this garden located on the outskirts of an old Cistercian abbey (now destroyed) founded by Saint Bernard in 1134
A marvellous site to discover on a stroll, all the more so as the Ailette Greenway leads you directly there!

  • Animals accepted
  • Services :
    • Pic-nic area
    • Free parking
  • Equipment:
    • Free Carpark
  • Activités :
    • Temporary exhibitions
    • Outings
  • Clientèle :
    • Young public


Abbaye de Vauclair, 02860 BOUCONVILLE-VAUCLAIR

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