La tour de Crécy

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Village d'Assis-sur-Serre_Slefebvre
Abords de la riviere_a_Assis-sur-Serre_SLefebvre

Punctuated by a calvary, by a mill on the Serre and by the imposing belfry also called “tour de Crécy”, this interesting walk evokes the Laonnoise countryside, alternating woods, dirt road, tarred road, river and railway. Destroyed during the war of 1914-18, the village of Assis was rebuilt around its Saint-Martin church, of Romanesque origin, first rebuilt in the Gothic period, then during the 16th century.

  • Around Laon
  • Distance : 14,6 Km
  • Durée : 04:15:00
  • Commune d'arrivée : CRECY-SUR-SERRE



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