Stèle en souvenir du poète Guillaume Apollinaire

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Guillaume Apollinaire enlisted in October 1914 and went to the Champagne front the following year before finally being sent to the Bois des Buttes, near the village of Pontavert in the Aisne, where he was hit in the temple by a shrapnel in March 1916.
While convalescing in the rear, he published his famous collection Calligrammes in 1918, from which some verses were extracted by the author Yves Gibeau, who was responsible for the creation of this commemorative stele in 1990.
It will be erected not far from the place where he received his wound, with this dedication
In this place called / Le Bois des Buttes / On March 17, 1916 was wounded / Guillaume / APOLLINAIRE / 1880-1918.

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